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Welcome to my Zine library. All Zines are free for you to Download and/or Print. Click on Image for PDF. You may post portions of them on your social media sites, in your newsletters, and etc...  If you reproduce any Zine in a large amount please consider making an additional donation. Permission granted to reproduce and share so long as the intention is positive, both socially and towards the Author herself. Permission granted to fix typos and super annoying grammar mistakes (though I do tend to write colloquially so maybe don't erase my whole voice).

Solving the Housing Crisis

Imagined solutions to homelessness in the United States.

Homeless in the U.S.

A first person perspective, in comic form, on what it's like to be unhoused.

What's On Your Plate? - Homeless Edition

Learn what foods Unhoused people can eat and get ideas for food donations.

Home on the Road

Helpful information on how to live out of one's car when forced to do so.

How Do Folks Become Homeless?

Common stories about how folks become Homeless.  Challenging the idea that Homelessness is anything but victimization.

Everyone Could Have a Home

A lesson on how poverty is intentionally manufactured by State and Corporate interests.

Homelessness & Employment

A zine that highlights the barriers Homeless people face when trying to get work and the prejudices Housed people have about Homelessness.

A Colonial Myth

Exploring the idea that one must care for themselves before they care for others.

The Inequality Report

Highlights from Oxfam International's Inequality Report.

It's Cold Outside

Educational material on how to support your Unhoused friends and neighbors during instances of life-threatening cold weather.

Mutual Aid for Survival in Extreme Heat

Information on how to support your Unhoused friends and neighbors during instances of extreme heat from a lived-experience perspective.


Introduces the reader to the hypocrisy of the social service system. Challenges the idea that folks "want" to remain Unhoused.


A story narrative intended to highlight how many barriers exist to overcoming Homelessness.

How Being Unhoused Impacts One's Appearance

Shedding light on how Homelessness chips away not only at one's self worth but also their ability to get a job.

Using the Bathroom: The Unspoken Struggle

A comic style zine that narrates how difficult it is to access the basic necessity of a bathroom while Unhoused

The Current Genocide Against Native People

This Zine makes the argument that the United States government is still engaging in acts of Genocide against Native North Americans.

What is a Pow-Wow ..and should I attend one?

Everything  you need to know before attending a Pow-Wow.

You  might be an Anarchist if....

Exploring the definitions of various political belief systems and party affiliations.

Coming Soon...

Materials on how to help a friend out of Homelessness

Information on Community Advocacy for Systems Change

Homelessness: Myths & Facts

Understanding the Shelter System

Homelessness: Social Services Lies

The Violence of Being Unhoused

&   Zines on other topics will be available soon as well.  Topics range within the spectrum of Indigenous identity, social justice, creating change and so forth.

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