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Everything You Need To Know

Here you will find everything you need to know about the family in need of donations and why they are in need.  You will also find information on what the family plans for the future.  If we are successful in helping one family we plan to help another soon after.

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I put together a zine, or mini-book, that talks about our family and why we are in need. This booklet discusses our back story including how we became homeless, the resources I've already tried, and what I plan to do if this fundraiser is successful in order to maintain a stable life.
Click Here to Read Zine
This is a research project I put together where I compare various housing options and the budgets that would accompany them.  This also includes information on how I plan to make income to sustain our housing.
Click Here to Read Zine
This is a PDF copy of documents with proof of my story.  I add this so folks know they are not being scammed in our request for housing support.
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This is a PDF copy of a short document that describes how our family being safely housed not only benefits us but the larger community as well.
Click Here to Read Zine
Accounts run by the mother in need:
Original Account
once deleted by Instagram
BackUp Account and..
Archive of Solutions . New.
Care Focused Account
Not Active - Coming Soon
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