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Citrus Fruits

Contact Information

Below is my contact information.   You can send gifts and checks to the P.O. box listed below if you would like.   My 12 yo is looking for a beginner's keyboard in good shape. We are both looking for new  Woobie (tm) blankets.

P.O. Box

Natasha Joseph

5729 Littlerock Rd SW 107-315

Tumwater, WA 98512

Direct Message

Coming Soon....

Credit Card

Payment Options:

As soon as a bank approves me to receive donations I will add the possibility of direct transfer and e-transfer to this fundraiser.  At this time a GoFundMe may also be started as it requires a bank account to receive funds.  Until then any GoFundMe accounts have to be cashed by the person who starts it and then the money transferred to me via Paypal or Venmo.
Jobs  Survey:

I'm working on a project that collects data on what jobs people would choose if labor was not forced.  It is a very exciting project aimed at seeing what kind of community we could build with *willing* labor in a post-abolition world.  I will be adding the link to this project here soon.

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