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Fundraising to Save Lives

Learn more about our Fundraiser to provide a home for this deserving family!

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What do you do when you've exhausted all options available to you?

Everybody fails sometimes, but what do you do when you fail and there's no way to recover?  

As a homeless woman with a college education and experience as a social worker I know intimately what the stereotypes are that work against me.  I know that people assume the homeless population is plagued with crime and addiction.  I haven't found that to be true in reality and even if it were I would still believe everyone deserves a home.   My personal history doesn't involve problems with addiction or crime.   In fact, I was evicted the first time I was unable to pay rent on time and because I was a woman leaving abuse I didn't have a support system to fall back on.   I had hoped social services would then serve as my "safety net" but found that they kept denying me help.   I've not only tried to work harder and get better jobs but I've also tried to access various types of social services across nine different states.  At this point I'm lost.  I'm screaming into the void for help.  Being homeless is miserable and has subjected us to repeated acts of violence.

But!  I don't expect you to just believe me so included below is a zine explaining more about my story, a research "report" I did comparing budgets against housing options, and other such documents that will help you know that I am telling the truth.   Please know that if you do decide to help us we will be eternally grateful.

Learn more about the family in need!

What is the value of a single childhood?

What can community care achieve by combing small acts of generosity?

We are a small Indigenous family who lack support resources to help us overcome extreme hardship.  I'm a single mother of a twelve year old kiddo who has already lost three years of her childhood to homelessness.  Escaping abuse got me into this position and while I do have a college degree and formerly worked in social services I have not been able to find a way to get us into stable housing. Without your help it is unlikely we will lead anything but a life of struggle. Learn more by clicking on the title words above.

For over twenty years I've been a volunteer in my local community.  Unfortunately, this didn't provide me with the social support necessary to avoid homelessness. It does educate me on how to approach fundraising.  I know that a lot of scams exist and while warm-hearted people might like to donate they often do not because they fear they are being taken advantage of.  I can assure you that this is not a scam.  You are free to talk with me via email or check out some clips of documents that verify my identity/story.  Additionally, here you wild find a research report I wrote regarding the cost of living and options available to me.  Learn more by clicking on the title words above.

Meet the Family

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