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This is how you do it -

1. Purchase a journal or notebook to be used for this
     special purpose.  I suggest leaving it by your computer           
     but you will decide for yourself where it belongs.
2. Whe
n you see a post that impacts you, in regards to the              death of a Palestinian person, then look for their         
 If no name is listed, asked for their name.
3. Write the name in your journal.  Perhaps write the
      name plus something about them that moved you.
4. When you are finished perform a small ritual relevant
      to your culture such as feeding the dead, saying a
       prayer, burning sage or etc.
5. Decide for yourself if and when you will share the list of
      names.  Sharing is not necessary, this is a practice of
      grief, of remembering the dead.

Considerations -

What if you had passed away in a war with countless others at the hand of tyrants?  Would your 'Spirit' like to be named? To be thought of by a kind hearted soul remembering the dead?  Naming the dead is forbidden in some cultures but in others it is a thousands year old practice.  Remembering the lives of people who went before us is no small act.

Take it a Step Further -

Put your list of names on flyers for others to see, read them aloud at a candlelight vigil, send them in a note to your elected officials.

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