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This is how you do it -



1. Open up your map on your phone.
2. Zoom into "Israel"
3. Click on the Nation.
4. When the name pops up scroll to the
      bottom of that section and Click
      "Report an Issue"
5. Choose "Name is Incorrect"
6. Fill-in correct name with "Palestine"
7. Add comment if you'd like
8. Submit

*Video is for I-Phone description.
1. Open up your map on your phone.
2. Type in "Israel" or locate it using your fingers on the 
     map itself.
3. A box will appear on top of the map, at the bottom
     of your screen, "Latest in the Area".  Under that tap
     "Contribute". Alternatively tap the three dots in the
     upper right hand corner.
4. Tap "Add Place"
5. Under Category select "Residential" and then
     "Housing Society"
6. Scroll to bottom and click "Submit"

*This is a walkthrough for my phone, yours may be different.

Credit: TearsandFlowers TikTok

Take it a Step Further:

Purchase some maps that are accurately written with Palestine in it's rightful place. 
Then send these copies to local schools and libraries for display. 

You can send a note with the map stating your intent. 
Alternatively, you can send no note which may allow staff to claim ignorance if they put it up and someone complains.
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